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We have 5 Karaoke rooms:

Room 1 (Beijing), max capacity 20 people, minimum spending: 248 pounds

Room 2 ( New York), max capacity 15 people, minimum spending: 218 pounds

Room 3 ( London) max capacity 12 people, minimum spending: 168 pounds

Room 4 ( Tokyo ) max capacity 8 people, minimum spending: 138 pounds

Room 5 ( Paris) max capacity 8 people, minimum spending: 138 pounds

How it works:

The minimum spending amount is the price for using the karaoke rooms. It means you need to spend this minimum amount on drinks and snacks to use the rooms. We do not charge separately for using the room. There is also no time limit for using the rooms during opening hours.

When you pay the minimum spending amount upfront, we will deduct the drinks and snacks that you order from this amount. Once you have spent or exceeded this amount, any further orders will need to be paid in addition to the minimum spending amount.

Please note that we will not pay back any minimum spending amount which has been unspent.

Some other rules for the karaoke rooms:

1 Karaoke rooms are open between 9pm and 1am everyday.
2 We do not allow customers to bring their own drinks and food into the rooms.
3 For some dining customers, the minimum spending is half price (special offer terms and conditions apply)*
4 A deposit of £50 is required to book a room. This is non refundable in the event of any cancellation. The deposit will be returned once the final bill has been fully paid and there has been no damages caused to the room.
5 the minimum spending amount will need to be paid up front before entry to the karaoke room. The amount will be used to pay for any drinks and snacks ordered.
6 the minimum spending amount is non-refundable should you be unable to spend the full amount.

Hope this explanation Is clear, if you have further questions please feel free to email us or contact our restaurant on 01604628431

*special terms and conditions apply:
Half price karaoke offer only applies to a party of 6 persons or more dining in the restaurant with a minimum spend of £15 per head.

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  • Email us: INFO@GINZAUK.COM
  • Telephone: 01604 628431
  • Find us on Facebook @ Ginza Restaurant Northampton
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